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Brooklyn-born Dominick was a kept boy in his twenties and an escort in his thirties. He retired from sex work to take a management position in real estate, where the art of the sell is supreme. He now writes the ‘Ask Dominick’ posts on rentboy.com for their audience of 30,000 subscribers, offering escorts and clients alike advice drawn from his experience. He's a frequent presence at the Red Umbrella Diaries, has appeared on Dan Savage's podcast, and is a guest contributor to the beloved Savage Love column. His writing appears in the Anthology Pros(e), a 2012 publication of the Red Umbrella Project. ‘Dirty Tricks and Happy Endings’, his account of the highlights and low points of his escort career, is included in Soft Skull’s Anthology Johns, Marks, Tricks and Chickenhawks, edited by David Henry Sterry. He lives in Hell’s Kitchen.