The Taxman and the Domina

by Bettie on March 10, 2011 · 3 comments

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It’s tax season! That makes me think of a story I found out about a few weeks ago involving a Domina and a silly man with a government job.

A tax collector from Secaucus, NJ named Alan Bartolozzi wired (maybe more than) $780,000 in taxpayer money to a Domina with addresses in 5 states. He wired money internationally too, but there isn’t any info out there on where… I imagine somewhere sunny. She featured the guy on her website, but it’s down. I am assuming he’s dressed up in sissy clothes or bent over with objects inside him based on my own experience with government workers, but I could be wrong.

When I first heard about this story a few things came to mind:

1. I immediately wondered if any of my clients are doing that. I imagine she had to give that money back, or is being penalized somehow for her association to this guy. I mean, her site is down and the only things I could find on her were in forums and the coverage on this case. Obviously with sex work a name is as ephemeral as the experiences, but still. Dominas tend to keep identities intact; we don’t (in my experience) cast them off haphazardly. It seems to be a drawback of this particular gig that you are offered little protection if this happens, but does it matter if she didn’t know where the money was coming from? I think it’s illegal to profit off a crime, even if you didn’t commit the crime.

2. I don’t know if this makes me a terrible human or not, but I did wonder what she looks like. It is a fact that in our business we trade in sexual currency, so I had an image in mind, but it was super off the mark. If the photos of her are accurate, she was rocking a really interesting look.

image via

3. I hesitate to call this a come up (although I am sure it seemed like one when he was sending the money), but $780,000 is a lot of money to have one man give you. I wonder if she was still working, or if she took a break. I’d have gone on a grand tour! With him sending the money in $40,000 (give or take) increments, that’s all the motivation I would need to buy hella plane tickets.

4. I have found that the world of fetish is populated by people who are super compelled to do stupid things in order to get their needs met. I think it’s because when clients come to you, usually it’s because they’ve had this fantasy for a long time and have finally built up the gumption (or saved the money) to finally make it happen. That doesn’t make it any less sad though, and you kind of have to wonder what was going through this guy’s head while he was stealing tax money to pay a woman to peg, queen, or spank him. I am being reductive here, because obviously there was mental domination involved, but I do want to know. There haven’t been any interviews with him, unfortunately. He worked as a tax collector for 25 years, what a shame that this is how his career is ending.

On a lighter note I did find it funny that the court was trying to increase his bail because him sending money overseas meant he was a flight risk. If anyone has proven he can follow directions it might be this guy.

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Goddess Kyaa March 10, 2011 at 1:33 pm

I had heard from a few customers, who had read in forums, about this case… I wasn’t sure it was real until I read this post. This is so well written, it made me smile.
When you got to #1 “immediately wondered if any of my clients are doing that” I was nodding along, wondering that myself. I have always been suspicious of large tributes, from my earliest days I have been suspicious of any man willing to freely give so much for so little… is the money even his? Is he sound of mind and actually legally able to spend this amount of cash? I think these are questions every woman receiving large amounts of money through a customer in the sex industry needs to ask herself.

Thanks for the article!


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