Swiss fragrance company Givaudan is working on a new scent for Lady Gaga, which will make you smell like an “expensive hooker.”

Kandy Klein (of PsychoStripper.com) writes about stripping on Valentine’s Day.

Here are twelve bad reasons not to legalize prostitution (beware: this will involve bible verses).

Illinois State Sen. Toi Hutchinson has proposed a statewide tax on strip clubs of $5 per customer, with the proceeds going to fund sexual assault and rape crisis centers.

Also in Illinois, local Catholic nuns are angry about a new strip club that will soon open in a suburban neighborhood near their convent. The club developer, Bob Itzkow, has called the nuns “our non-tax-paying neighbors,” and requested that “you treat us as we have treated you, by not trying to unduly disturb us by imposing your religious beliefs on us or others.” [READ MORE]


We’re excited about the upcoming campy Brit horror-comedy, Strippers Vs. Werewolves.

West Hollywood celebrated Go-Go Dancer Appreciation Day over Halloween weekend.

Should porn stars pay for porn?

Sex workers discuss why we should be joining the Occupy Wall Street movement. [READ MORE]


The totally irrelevant cover of the New York Post, Wednesday, August 10

Melissa Petro (once deemed “hooker teacher” by the New York Post) responds to the Post‘s Wednesday headline.

Wendy Babcock, Toronto-based sex work activist and law student, passed away on Tuesday.

There are only five days left to donate to the SWAAY Epic Step billboard.

Irish sex workers rights organization Turn Off the Blue Light recently claimed victory in a dispute with Google. The group had paid for an advertisement with Google AdWords, but found that, beginning in May, people looking for their site through the search engine were instead diverted to anti-sex work campaign websites.

A patron at the Pretty Woman Lounge, a Detroit strip club, shot and killed a club employee after being denied admission.

Even though she turned down an offer from Vivid to appear in an adult movie, apparently most Americans still think Pippa Middleton is a porn star.

Three American pole dancers and one Argentinean took home top honors at the International Pole dancing Competition last weekend in Denver.

Lee Grace Dougherty and her two brothers, who allegedly shot a cop in Florida and robbed a bank in Georgia, were caught Wednesday morning in Colorado. Since Dougherty worked as a stripper in Cocoa Beach, some clever writers at the New York Post (perhaps the same ones who wrote the “stox” headline above?) were sure to make up puns about her “rack” in reporting the story. [READ MORE]


Sex workers and anti-sex work groups clashed at the Women’s World 2011, a feminist conference held in Ottowa from July 3 to 7, particularly over an art exhibit entitled “Flesh Mapping: Prostitution in a Globalized World”

The Top 5 Porn Moments You Don’t See

The Charles H. McCaghy Collection of Exotic Dance from Burlesque to Clubs

Findings on the health care needs of sex workers in Delaware

An Australian prostitute is suing her former brothel for failing to protect her when a client held her at gunpoint.

Sex workers in Nigeria are fighting for decriminalization by challenging the Nigerian Constitution, meanwhile India’s Supreme Court considers regulating prostitution. [READ MORE]

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Have you heard that SWAAY has an Epic Step campaign to create the first sex workers’ rights billboard in America? Epic Step is like the Kickstarter of billboards, so they need your donations in order to make this happen. Just look at how many anti-sex work billboards there are.

10. I feel like twitter is to blame for anything starting with “Dear,” including “Dear John” billboards in and surrounding Chicago, IL. “Dear Starbucks,” “Dear Netflix,” “Dear rain,” “Dear Man Soliciting Sex, We’re watching you in your sleep. Love, Chicago PD.”

photo by Chuck Berman via Chicago Tribune