For our readers who’d like to help, we put together a list of local organizations which stand against white supremacy and fundraisers for victims of the white nationalist violence at Charlottesville:

Please leave any additional fundraisers and ways to support in the comments.

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FE_DA_130214_coco3Former porn star Coco Brown is training to be an astronaut. And no, journalists, it is not so she can have sex in space.

In “Thank God” news, a Washington judge permanently blocked a three-time felon and current inmate’s request for personal information attached to the licenses of over 200 area strippers. The inmate described himself as a “an advocate for the industry” who needed the info in order to make the women famous through his use of social media. Yeah, Asshole, that’s exactly what a lot of sex worker stalkers want to do: out them to the world, permanently, online.

Atlanta is working to ban prostitutes and their clients from areas of city once they’ve been convicted of multiple arrests. Georgia’s Supreme Court has a history of allowing such bans if they’re “reasonable, or aimed at rehabilitation.”

The recent arrest of CEO Peter Acworth has reignited controversy over the way his business is run. (It’s not the first time the issue has come up.)

Sasha Grey on why she left porn: “I just knew that it wasn’t a smart business decision to keep working for other people.”

The independent contractor vs. employee battle continues to be waged in strip clubs across the country with a Kansas court providing the most recent landmark of ruling that strippers are entitled to unemployment insurance. The strip club will not appeal.

Also in Kansas, police are trying to find the man responsible for the murder of at least two prostitutes and the attempted murder of a third.



Wanna join the “mile high club”? This Amsterdam based escort agency, now offers sex on a private jet. Might not be the most sustainable sex work but we give kudos for their entrepreneurial spirit.

Whores’ Glory, a documentary about prostitution in three different global locales, hits the festival circuit.

The Missouri Supreme Court heard arguments in a challenge to the state’s extremely restrictive strip club legislation.

Unsurprisingly, Sarah Palin doesn’t know the difference between polls and poles.

Remember last week’s HIV scare that shut down LA’s porn industry? The performer retested HIV negative.

One of the ladies of Basketball Wives: LA is a former stripper. Just one?

Celebrity name .xxx domains are not available for sale.

That convicted felon who funneled HIV/AIDS funds towards opening DC’s Stadium Club is a homophobic asshole.



400 South Korean sex workers rallied against police crackdowns, with some protestors even attempting to set themselves on fire. (Thankfully, none were successful.)

This charming article reveals groundbreaking research from the University of Arkansas. Apparently, it’s big news that some prostitutes are educated, make a “rational decision” to go into the biz, and aren’t spending all their money on drugs. Who knew?

A primary school teacher in the U.K. who was outed as a dominatrix was allowed to keep her job—the teaching job, that is. Unlike Melissa Petro, who had left the sex industry years before becoming a teacher and subsequently being fired, “Mistress Saffron” was working both jobs at the same time when her double life was revealed, but was still let off with a written reprimand.

Australian sex workers deserve better than the Swedish model: “Those proposing the implementation of the Swedish model in the ACT are showing wilful ignorance to the harms of criminalisation, and are ignoring sex workers’ actual needs.”


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Disturbing! And not at all related to news.

Surprisingly short slideshow of sex working women who’ve run for (international) political office.

Moby Chicks was an April Fool’s joke, but I think it’s a genius idea. What does maritime law say about topless dancing?

Horrible article on Zimbabwean farmers who spend their profits on sex workers.

A play about a “high class” prostitute (named Charlotte!) is running right now in LA.

Cool resource, bro. No, seriously—cool resource. This website compiles studies on sex worker populations across the world.

An exotic dancer puts all her money toward her no-kill animal shelter.