going negative in the champagne room

As another long-term governor would say, it would seem to require a dead girl or a live boy to stop lucky Rick Perry from being elected. But one passionate Ron Paul supporter, Robert Morrow, wants so badly to find live girls who’ve slept with Perry that he placed this ad (pictured at the left in the dressing room of an actual Austin strip club) in the Austin Chronicle last week.
Morrow wrote a virulent screed detailing what he considers to be Perry’s biggest transgressions under the amazing headline “Tea Party Fraud Rick Perry is Political Herpes.” He unashamedly sources his claims to his own strip club conversations. By the way, good for you, Robert, for not being ashamed to be out as a strip club patron. [READ MORE]


Remember the worst, most offensive political ad ever made? We talked about it last month, and it seems to have helped catapult Janice Hahn right into office. Alexandra Petri’s take on why that might have been suggests (quite sensibly) that most of the eyeballs on web ads belong to young liberals: [READ MORE]

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