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from the amazing site, Blackboards in Porn

Hey there. In case we haven’t reminded you enough recently: we are always interested in submissions from our faithful readers who are current (or former) sex workers.

Just get to get your creative juices flowing (ugh, sorry), here are some topics we are interested in right now:

Take a look at our guidelines and then send your submissions and ideas to info at titsandsass dot com. (Don’t forget to check our last batch of topics because we are still interested in those as well.)


image via Pretty Queer

We would sincerely love to have more diverse voices on the site but until we find some trans folks generous enough to give us their original writing, we’ll do our best to highlight a few of the pieces already available online. Here’s an excellent one by Morgan M. Page that you should go read in full. Page writes clearly and compellingly about how sex working trans people are simultaneously used for political gain and under-supported by non-sex working trans activists:

Media representations focusing on a single stereotype suck for every oppressed or underrepresented group. That’s totally fair. What’s not fair is when the rest of the community backlashes against this by trying to distance themselves entirely from those represented by the stereotype. At the end of the day, I don’t care if the fact that I and a lot of my friends are or were sex workers makes your grandmother uncomfortable. What I care about is the fact that sex work is still illegal in so many countries, leading to more violence, stigma, and murders of trans and cis sex workers, yet there’s been little effort by mainstream trans (or queer) organizations to help sex worker organizations fight for their rights.

If you feel inspired to share your own thoughts about this or related issues, we would love to be your platform. You can find out more about contributing here.

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Guys Do It Too

by Charlotte Shane on September 29, 2011 · 7 comments

in Prostitution

Male escorting at its finest.

As much as we all love our site name—Kat, you are a genius—we know that it may not make us seem like a particularly male-friendly space. But unlike sex work’s most vociferous critics, we are very aware that not all sex workers are women. Just this week, we sent out a call for a straight male escort to review Hung (Fingers crossed!) and we have a list of guys we’d love to convince to write for us. While we get those posts lined up, why not check out this male escort’s story? My favorite part:

It is a very dangerous business because you have to look out for the police, decoys and other people that might set you up.

He goes on to tell a story of how his friend got picked up on the street by a cop posing as a client, which seems to be the only negative experience he’s had. This, in spite of the fact that “Edward” is what’s sometimes called a “survival” sex worker: he only works when he has bills he would otherwise be unable to pay. Therefore, the theory goes, he’s extra vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. [READ MORE]


We Want You!

by suzyhooker on August 15, 2011 · 2 comments

in Site News

Sadie Lune

Are you a current or former sex worker who loves Tits and Sass, but stumped on ways to contribute? We are always interested in anything pertaining to sex work in the news and/or in popular culture. If that’s too broad for you, we have a few suggestions. We are looking for pro/con pieces on the following topics. (Remember $pread magazine’s “Positions” column?) Tell us how you feel about:

Here are some broader themes we’re interested in exploring (as long as they are topical):

We also have an extensive list of movies, TV shows, documentaries and books that haven’t been reviewed. You can even write about a zine, a short story, an article, a podcast, a web series, a music video, or a study. Don’t have the time or inclination to write? Consider making a video blog (vlog), as we would love to start featuring vlogs on the site regularly. We also like our sex worker infographics if you have a trend you’ve been tracking. Work somewhere interesting? Tell us about convention season, what happens when Congress goes on vacation, or silly/antiquated local laws. And of course, there’s always Stripper Music Monday or letting your baller status animal companions do the talking. Remember, you can remain anonymous if you really want to blast your local hobbyist board or make confessions. Send your submissions and ideas to info at titsandsass dot com.