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by suzyhooker on April 28, 2014 · 7 comments

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Have you ever wanted to be in an endless e-mail chain with Caty, Josephine, and Bubbles? Are you interested in the policy that affects our working and personal lives? Do you like to debate the differences between representations of sex workers on Game of Thrones and The Wire? We want you! Tits and Sass is seeking co-editors to help run the site.

Candidates will be:

1) deeply committed to sex workers’ rights
2) interested in representations of sex work in the media and popular culture
3) able to commit 10 hours of their week to the site
4) familiar with WordPress and Google Docs
5) preferably a full-service sex worker or porn/cam performer; must be a current sex worker
6) able to use either their real name or a pseudonym to represent their work
7) familiar with the site, with real fondness for it
8) from anywhere in the world—preferably from outside the U.S. to add international perspective to our currently all-American editing team

This is a volunteer position. Contact us here introducing yourself and explaining why you’re interested in working with Tits and Sass, along with links to your writing samples and online presence. We especially encourage candidates who are neither white nor cisgender to contact us.


ezgif-saveHi, Beloved Readers,

Thanks so much for a fantastic 2013. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing contributors, all of whom volunteer their efforts to contribute to this community. We’re always open to new writers and pitches. Take a look at our Contribute page for some ideas.

We’re always looking to bring in new voices. And that means we’re especially interested in writers:

  • from outside of the United States
  • from diverse economic backgrounds
  • of color
  • who are sex-working men
  • who are transgender
  • from the Midwestern and Southern United States

Our only requirement is that you are or have been a sex worker.

We recognize that the stigma of sex work makes publishing your writing in a permanent, public forum intimidating! So, we will work hard to product your identity and will certainly allow you to use a pseudonym if that’s what you require.

We’re always looking for book, television, and film reviews, coverage of local activist events, and commentary on current events. Please email or holler at one of our editors on Twitter; Caty handles activist news and book reviews, Josephine is happy to talk about popular culture of all kinds, and Susan (fka Bubbles) wants to hear about policy and labor issues. P.S. We’re always considering future editors, in case you’ve got some extra time on your hands.

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Call For Editors

by suzyhooker on January 18, 2013 · 3 comments

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Tits and Sass is looking to make some new additions to its editorial team. If you’re a fan of the site with a moderate amount of free time, boundless enthusiasm for all things sex work-related, and a good, critical eye for shaping drafts, we want you!

Duties may include:

  • responding to emails from interested contributors; soliciting contributions on your own
  • writing once a week for the site, either about news or pop culture items
  • making suggestions during a draft’s early stages to make the final product tighter and more coherent
  • copyediting/proofreading final drafts

The only qualifications we require are that you a) are a strong writer with a great grasp on standard grammar and punctuation rules, b) currently work in the sex industry and c) are able to politely and clearly articulate what changes can be made to make an article better.

Please send emails of interest with links to writing samples to info at Tell us a little about yourself and your background. As always, correspondence is kept completely confidential and you are welcome to use a pseudonym. This is a volunteer position without financial compensation, but you will be paid handsomely in glory and appreciation.


Guys Do It Too

by Charlotte Shane on September 29, 2011 · 7 comments

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Male escorting at its finest.

As much as we all love our site name—Kat, you are a genius—we know that it may not make us seem like a particularly male-friendly space. But unlike sex work’s most vociferous critics, we are very aware that not all sex workers are women. Just this week, we sent out a call for a straight male escort to review Hung (Fingers crossed!) and we have a list of guys we’d love to convince to write for us. While we get those posts lined up, why not check out this male escort’s story? My favorite part:

It is a very dangerous business because you have to look out for the police, decoys and other people that might set you up.

He goes on to tell a story of how his friend got picked up on the street by a cop posing as a client, which seems to be the only negative experience he’s had. This, in spite of the fact that “Edward” is what’s sometimes called a “survival” sex worker: he only works when he has bills he would otherwise be unable to pay. Therefore, the theory goes, he’s extra vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. [READ MORE]


dressing room of an Austin strip club, sent from a reader

A Ron Paul supporter turned to the Austin Chronicle to solicit dirt on opposing presidential candidate Rick Perry. Seeking to expose Perry’s family values platform as hypocritical, Paul supporter Robert Morrow specifically asked strippers and escorts to come forward. published an interview with former Jesse James mistress/stripper/model/alleged white supremacist Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

Gender Across Borders is looking for contributions for an upcoming series on stigma, shame, and sexuality.

Shocker: Yet another police officer has been arrested for extorting sex from a prostitute.

PDX Stone of The Other Side of the Rail (a great customer perspective blog), wrote a piece on how to date a stripper. The opening lines: “You can’t. Just quit right now.”

Mattel accidentally (we hope) advertised a phone-sex line on a toy tow truck. Whatever you do, do NOT call 1-800-FAST-TOW.

Jodi Hoskins, former office manager of a Salt Lake City escort service, lost an appeal of her tax evasion conviction. She was sentenced to three years in prison. Psst, pay your taxes.

GoDaddy is cashing in on the new .xxx domain names, charging up to 17 times the price of a standard .com domain name, as predicted by Trixie in a MarchTits and Sass piece. [READ MORE]