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@whit_titty planks it up

It was only a matter of time before somebody would think to compile a collection of stripper plank photos (although one of them is maybe just a snorkeler). I’m kind of bummed that this didn’t occur to us, but that doesn’t mean that our readers can’t still submit photos of themselves participating in the hottest/most pointless trend of 2011. Send us your pics and I’ll make a stripper planks post in a few weeks. For those of you still confused as to what all this “planking” business is about, you’ve been overthinking it. Ya go somewhere, and you lie down on your stomach like a board and someone takes a picture. Yes, documenting yourself lying down is a thing. (Remember freestyle walking?) Check out Whit absolutely killing it. No wait, saying “killing it” is over, huh? Well, she’s hitting it out of the park! Look at how she’s all lying there and shit. Now do you still “feel like a 45 year-old soccer mom,” Charlotte? kat [at] titsandsass.com

Kat has been stripping since 2003 and blogging about it since 2009. She works at a club next to the Chips Ahoy factory. Sometimes it smells like cookies but usually it just smells like cheap body spray. She doesn't think it's very funny to make fun of deceased prostitutes and doesn't see why you can't just stick with a good old-fashioned dick joke. You can find her on twitter. You may send mail to katstories [at] gmail.com but she must insist that you don't send her any form of poetry whatsoever.



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