General Submission Guidelines

All potential submissions should be written after familiarizing yourself with the tone and content of our site. We prefer pop culture/news commentary, interviews, and reviews over purely personal essays. Pieces written heavily in the first person should fall into one of the appropriate categories (see below) though exceptional articles will always be considered. Send all inquiries to info at titsandsass dot com.

We do not consider submissions from individuals who have never been sex workers; this includes patrons of sex workers, no matter how much money they’ve spent in a strip club. Unsolicited submissions of this nature become our property and we reserve the right to reprint and possibly mock them on this site. People who are currently still working in the service end of the sex industry are given priority over those who are retired. You are encouraged to write under a name other than the same one you use(d) for work though if your piece is published, you will be given full control over the identity to which it’s attached. Occasionally we run items that have already appeared on personal blogs, but our strong preference is for unreleased content. You retain full rights.

Articles run anywhere from 500-2000 words. Aiming for about 800-1300 for a substantial opinion piece is a good goal, and images to use in the post (whether your own, or from another source, with credit) are always appreciated. Email info at with questions, or to express interest in working behind the scenes as an editor.

What We Don’t Want

We repeat: articles from people who are not sex workers. This includes: sex worker clients, fans, porn watchers, sex toy sales staff, people who clean the floors of a peep show, people who rent space to sensual massage parlors, etc. We regularly have a surplus of personal content, so please be advised this is the most competitive field to submit to, and we don’t want lyrical stories about work experiences that ultimately don’t go anywhere. Please send an actual pitch if you’d like to contribute to the site but don’t yet have a piece completed. We respectfully ask that you don’t send emails of interest without concrete ideas.


Most of our reviews fall into two categories: 1) concise plot summary at the beginning, with criticism and praise about specific items following the summary or 2) a walkthrough of the plot, with the criticisms and praise incorporated chronologically. Either of those approaches work but we don’t want a lot of plot summary that’s only plot summary, like a wikipedia article.

We’re curious to know:

—did it strike you as an accurate portrayal of sex work?

—which of your own experiences did it differ from/resonate with?

—did you learn anything (about work) from it?

—does the item have an agenda or push a certain message about sex work and if so, what is it?

700-1200 words.

Naked Music Mondays

Naked Music Mondays are about the music we use at work. Whether you are a stripper dancing on stage to something new you love, an escort using playlists to set the mood (or keep track of time), a dominatrix inflicting your taste on your client, or a webcam performer listening to favorites to pass the time, you can contribute to this section. It can be about new release, videos or lyrics with sex work-related content, seasonally relevant playlists, or your personal favorites. Just write it up and send it in (preferably with a link to an embeddable YouTube playlist). If you are interested in interviewing an artist who’s recorded something particularly relevant to your work, please get in touch and we’ll see if we can help set it up.

Cats and Stacks

Pictures of pets and money. You don’t have to have cats! Pictures of dogs, rats, birds, snakes, guinea pigs, or tarantulas and your piles of sex work-earned cash are all welcome. Include your name, occupation, and any desired links, along with your pet’s name and whatever details about your great night at work you want to mention. Email them to or upload them right here.

Dear Tits and Sass

This is our in-house advice column where we address the questions of currently working sex workers (we do not answer inquiries about how to get started in any aspect of the industry). We reach out to several different pros in the field to answer your personal and professional job-related questions. Email us your question and the name/pseudonym you’d like to use. Questions may be edited for publication.

The Week In Links

The end-of-week collection of news from around the web. This is where to send information about upcoming events or links to stories you’ve read.

Tourist Report Reports

This is where to comment on tourist reports—articles by reporters who spend a night at the strip club or the brothel or the dungeon as observers or customers, who are tourists and not regular participants as workers or clients. Often these are awful and we are obligated to comment on them.

Ask A Pro

Our column focusing on work and health, intended to share straightforward information about what you can do to keep yourself as safe as possible while on the job. Questions will be answered by sexual health expert Sarah Patterson, M.Ed. Questions you’d like to have answered can be sent to our info (at) titsandsass address. Full anonymity is guaranteed. Questions may be edited for publication.

Tools of the Trade/Tricks of the Trade

A place to share items and techniques used on the job. The best self-tanner, massage oil, battery-powered vibe? How to shave without irritation or work while on your period? This is where we talk about these practical matters.

I Couldn’t Do It

Ever have a client request something you just could not do? Something you didn’t know was outside your boundaries because you’d never imagined being requested to do it? Tell us about it. 400-800 words is ideal.

Hall of Game

Hustle successes, like the time you sold a customer a $500 no-contact private dance, got bought out for the night to play pool, convinced him to pay your semester’s tuition, or scored a car free and clear. Also, stories of the moment you realized you’re truly a professional, or particularly proud moments at work. 600-1000 words.

Hall of Shame/Enemies Spotlight

Public service announcements about the public figures, elected officials, celebrities, and academics who routinely work against the interest of sex workers and increase stigma, hatred, and criminalization. A sort of cheat sheet to use for educating friends and allies about why this person is no friend to those in the sex trade. Must include many links as evidence and should refrain from devolving into purely a rant. Must maintain a sharp but level-headed tone. 500-800 words.

Activist Spotlight

An interview with an Executive Director, founder, or other key player of an organization working for sex worker rights. Focus should be on the work they do, their history, the challenges they face, etc. Any org-specific calls for donations or event advertising, while permissible at the end of article, should not overwhelm the rest of the content. 800-1200 words.

Hooker Purse

Pictures of your purse after a long day’s work with a caption indicating as much as you’re comfortable sharing (city/state/country of work, how long you’ve been at it, any personal links you’d like us to include to your blog or twitter.) Here’s your chance to show off what an utter mess—or impeccably organized collection—of escort gear you stash in your shoulder bag. Go ahead and let it all hang out: the used tissues, the crumpled up stockings, the makeup, your preferred brand of lube and condoms, as well as the night’s haul of cash and the indispensable purse itself, if you’re so inclined.

My Sex Worker Role Model

Your chance to pay tribute to anyone who inspires you, from Mata Hari to Carol Leigh/Scarlot Harlot, to the good friend who helped you when you were brand new to the biz. 600-900 words

Where I’m Going From Here

We know the sex industry is a temporary stop for the vast majority of its participants and we’d like to hear about your exit plan. Are you paying off student loans, finishing your nursing degree, saving up to start your own business? Tell us why the work makes sense for you to do, now, and what you’ll be up to down the road when it’s all only a memory. 500-800 words

My Sex Work Bucket List

Tell us 3-6 things you’d like to try before you quit the life in a bullet-pointed list with each point elaborated upon. Use the first paragraph to tell us a little about your history in the industry, then launch into your dream gigs. 400-1000 words