Weekly Unwrap

Thanks for spending the week with us. Enjoy your holiday weekend, Americans and Canadians, and we’ll see you next Tuesday.

Charlotte Shane asks Can You Trust Your Sex Worker?

In Praise of the Man Who Doesn’t Get Strip Clubs

Catherine responds to the Complex listicle: Top 50 Strip Clubs: A Dancer Responds

Pioneering women of color in burlesque: Motor City Strippers

A New Sex Work Activist Organization: SWAAY has launched

Classic VD scare ads from 100 Years of Sex!

Our new comment policy and Irony Butterfly’s debut.

Public submission is Just A Regular Day in the Park.

The Best TV Prostitute Ever was on Arrested Development.


This week at Tits and Sass we reviewed one book from a john, one from sex worker hater Tina Fey, and a classic pimp flick. Elle wrote about her understanding of Slutwalk through the lens of sexual assault at work, and we showed you the most offensive political ad ever made.