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He usually wears shirts on his dates.

Enjoy our Richard Gere birthday extravaganza: Bettie on why she can’t stand Pretty Woman, Charlotte on why she loves it and on Gere in American Gigolo.

Some thoughts on sustainable sex work.

What will happen in the case of the New Mexico judge accused of raping a prostitute?

Oh, thank goodness. Ne-Yo recorded a song called “Strip Club.”

FetLife cracks a bad hooker joke.

Another in the never-ending series of strip club tourist reports, this one from London.


Kayla, a Portland dancer and recording artist, made several playlists and contributed an original track to Stripper Music Monday.

Kat went to a vagina beauty pageant.

Charlotte interviewed Laura Agustín. Part one and part two.

Bettie finds Larry Flynt creepy.

Story takes a look at Katherine Frank’s 2002 research into strip club regulars.

Rocket on the particular risks of being photographed publicly as a sex worker.

Kat’s interview with San Francisco strip club documentary photographer Alicia Vera.

Laurenn McCubbin talks about sex work-inspired art and Las Vegas with Catherine.

The New Jersey Donut Ho and other sex workers in strange locations.

What becomes of a not-quite “Hipster Hooker?”


Charlotte and Kat wade through some really questionable moments in advertising to bring us the worst in anti-trafficking campaigns and anti-sex worker billboards.

Furry Girl interviewed Kimberly Kupps about being prosecuted for making porn in her own home with her husband.

Another strip club owner is in tax trouble. He stashed cash in the most surprising places.

Bettie reviews Behind the Whip and some bad advice to a potential amateur prossie.



We’re excited to welcome story as a contributor with her review of I’ll Show You Mine.

The T&S staff help answer a reader question about how to handle a stalker.

Good news from Louisiana as some prostitution charges drop from felonies to misdemeanors.

Elle interviewed her childhood friend, porn performer Sadie West. [READ MORE]


We started off the week with a roundup of links to stories about Ashton Kutcher, the Village Voice, and the DNA Foundation’s badvocacy.

And then it was Kutcherpalooza on July 5th.

If You Can’t Accept Facts, You Can’t Be An Ally

Kat Takes A Stroll Through @aplusk’s Twitter Feed

In Defense of Backpage

We ended Kutcherpalooza with a guest post from Ecowhore

Feminist Whore’s Horrifying, Must-Watch Video

Hey, Here’s Some Good News

Blast From The Past: The San Francisco Stripper Wars

chelsea g. summers stopped by to write about exposing yourself on the stage and on the page

Kat wants your strip club plank photos