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Stacks & Cats

It’s a Stacks & Cats first! Thanks to Starlet Harlot, we now have this amazing video to add to the annals of pets with money. Starlet writes:

This is my chocolate-point siamese princess, Angilie, with a bit over a grand worth of Australian hooker money. Angilie was in heat when this photo was taken and would NOT sit still, she was so occupied in rapturously rolling over and over in the stack of money—hmmmm, much like her mama does!! I think Angilie would love to be a little hooker kitty.
Sex workers, send us your pictures of your dogs and dollars or cats and stacks at

Shit People Say To Sex Workers

My favorite part is at 2:06.

Civil Undressed also wrote a script of shit people say to her at the strip club.

“Do you think these make me look like a whore? Oh, no offense!”

We aren’t affiliated with the makers of this video, but thank you for putting us in your “Get Educated” list of sites.

What’s your favorite? Any others we’re missing?

Toys for Tatas: Sex Workers and Charity

Over the weekend, the internet news show The Young Turks drew my attention to this story: a 37-year-old Houston escort who works under the name of Shelby is offering a discount for clients who donate a toy to Toys for Tots. For any guy who booked an hour and brought an unwrapped toy, Shelby offered a second hour for free.

Cenk Ugyur condescendingly calls her “an escort with a golden heart” before launching into his incredibly twisted analysis of the “consequences” of Shelby’s offer: “There’ll be a lot of guys who take their kids’ toys to go get a second hour free with a prostitute. … It seems like she’s doing a good deed, but think of how those guys get their toys.” His sidekick, Ana Kasparian (who rarely offers anything new to Cenk’s analyses), agrees immediately that it’s “disgusting” and makes her “sick to her stomach.”

Pretty Woman: Toddler Edition

It would appear that we are not the only people celebrating Richard Gere’s birthday. This week’s Toddlers & Tiaras featured a three year-old named Paisley (a stage name, I presume) doing a Pretty Woman tribute. The Parents Television Council (and a bunch of other people) are not impressed.

Paisley’s mother explained her side to Entertainment Weekly:

She says that if people saw Paisley’s entire routine, which later has her daughter dressed as Roberts’ reformed character in a demure brown dress, they wouldn’t have quite the same outrage.

“I’m amazed it’s caused this much of a frenzy,” Dickey says. “The judges loved it. Everybody except one particular mom went nuts over it. It was the cutest thing ever. It was very innocent. A lot probably would have been different if they aired the whole entire routine instead of just the hooker part.”

“Just the hooker part”? Am I looking at a tiny little Beverly Wilshire Hotel front? “A demure brown dress”? Why would anything that someone who has barely graduated from shitting in a diaper is wearing need to be clarified as “demure”? The judges did love the routine because young Paisley won this particular pageant. Now her mother plans to auction the mini-ho getup and donate the proceeds to… an anti-abortion organization.

Ne-Yo, “Strip Club”

Well, Ne-Yo, I think we found your regular old songs just fine for the strip club, but thanks for this:

Once your set is over come find me
Don’t look at the bar because I’ll be
In the lapdance area waiting
Take your shoes off
And break your dude off