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Just A Regular Day in the Park…

I have a policy that fetish play is just that, play, and as such I am loathe to take it into the public eye. This policy exists for a few reasons, the most important being that I hate when people push their shit on me, so I’m not going to push mine on them. I get grossed out by overly lovey couples, religious zealots, and the lot. Walking a slave on a leash in the middle of Downtown Dallas would be right along those lines as far as I’m concerned.

Having said all that, it is pretty hilarious. I imagine that there are submissives wanking to this as I type, so many people have that “In Public” fetish. Most of them are too chickenshit to go through with it though, so I admire this guy’s bravery. He isn’t even wearing a costume!

Feminist Whore’s Horrifying, Must-Watch Video

This is why none of the sex workers I know trust or support Salvation Army.

Feminist Whore has taken the time to go down the rabbit hole to examine some of the groups and actions supported by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s anti-trafficking efforts, and what she uncovers is stomach turning beyond belief. This video is required viewing for anyone who wants to claim any knowledge about sex trafficking and the responses it inspires. But here are some highlights:

“Making it Rain” explained to cultural ignoramuses

The New York Times explains “making it rain.”

I guess they didn’t cover this when the NBA All-Star game was in Vegas? Great explanation of making it rain for, well, old white people, I guess.

Stripper Music Monday: Grace Potter Respects Strippers Enough To Stare And Not Tip

From Cincinnati CityBeat:

GP: I knew what I wanted “Paris (Ooh La La)” to be. I had a concept of what I wanted the video to look like. But we really wanted to see how dancers move and watch these girls dance to our songs. A lot of these clubs would be playing “Paris” in the club which is really crazy to see. We were in New Orleans and that was the first time we ever saw an exotic dancer dancing to our song which was a real inspiration actually. It may sound cheap, but it was a really fulfilling experience to see the string of dancers moving to our music. What we do there, it’s not a degrading experience, and we’re not throwing dollar bills or anything like that. We are the quiet weird band that lurks in the corner.

CB:  That’s even worse I think. You are the creepy people in the back.