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Toys for Tatas: Sex Workers and Charity

Over the weekend, the internet news show The Young Turks drew my attention to this story: a 37-year-old Houston escort who works under the name of Shelby is offering a discount for clients who donate a toy to Toys for Tots. For any guy who booked an hour and brought an unwrapped toy, Shelby offered a second hour for free.

Cenk Ugyur condescendingly calls her “an escort with a golden heart” before launching into his incredibly twisted analysis of the “consequences” of Shelby’s offer: “There’ll be a lot of guys who take their kids’ toys to go get a second hour free with a prostitute. … It seems like she’s doing a good deed, but think of how those guys get their toys.” His sidekick, Ana Kasparian (who rarely offers anything new to Cenk’s analyses), agrees immediately that it’s “disgusting” and makes her “sick to her stomach.”

“Making it Rain” explained to cultural ignoramuses

The New York Times explains “making it rain.”

I guess they didn’t cover this when the NBA All-Star game was in Vegas? Great explanation of making it rain for, well, old white people, I guess.

Stephen Colbert responds to the New York Post

I’m all about Stephen Colbert’s response to last week’s headline in the New York Post. I wonder how many other headlines we can make up with the word “hooker” where it makes no sense.

Saturday Night Live: “Strip Club”

This sketch is funny and, for the most part, accurate. Color us surprised, SNL. You can really tell that Jason Sudeikis thoroughly researched his part, a spot-on representation of strip club DJs (Dave Grohl’s no slouch, either). And Helen Mirren is known for wearing stripper shoes on the red carpet.

“Strip Club Queens” Trailer for Stripper Reality Show from D.C.’s Stadium Club

We are so excited about this new stripper reality show, set to air this fall, about strippers at the Stadium Club in Washington D.C. Strippers show up on reality television often enough, but there still hasn’t been a strip club show, and this looks to deliver. According to the Washington Post, it will air on a network to be named. They’re speculating it will be VH1, which would be a crushing loss for Bravo.