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This Week in Videos of Badass Sex Workers

The Secret Service escort and the hot dog stripper finally speak to the media.

“Strip Club Queens” Trailer for Stripper Reality Show from D.C.’s Stadium Club

We are so excited about this new stripper reality show, set to air this fall, about strippers at the Stadium Club in Washington D.C. Strippers show up on reality television often enough, but there still hasn’t been a strip club show, and this looks to deliver. According to the Washington Post, it will air on a network to be named. They’re speculating it will be VH1, which would be a crushing loss for Bravo.

Shit Strippers Say

As a continuation of Shit People Say to Strippers, Portland stripper Lark sent us her Shit Strippers Say. Even if you’re tired of People Saying Sh*t, it’s a good one. Plus identifying the songs is kinda fun.

Just A Regular Day in the Park…

I have a policy that fetish play is just that, play, and as such I am loathe to take it into the public eye. This policy exists for a few reasons, the most important being that I hate when people push their shit on me, so I’m not going to push mine on them. I get grossed out by overly lovey couples, religious zealots, and the lot. Walking a slave on a leash in the middle of Downtown Dallas would be right along those lines as far as I’m concerned.

Having said all that, it is pretty hilarious. I imagine that there are submissives wanking to this as I type, so many people have that “In Public” fetish. Most of them are too chickenshit to go through with it though, so I admire this guy’s bravery. He isn’t even wearing a costume!

Top 10 Anti-Sex Trafficking Campaigns

I’m a little nervous to have been tasked with following in the footsteps of Kat’s outrageously hysterical Top 10 Anti-Sex Work Billboards. Mostly just because hers was so good but also because, as Kutchergate proved, anyone who criticizes the methodology around anti-trafficking measures may be automatically labeled a trafficking-loving monster. But I’ve probably already made my bed on that front, and dammit, somebody’s got to talk about how ridiculous these ads are.

10. I couldn’t rank this project higher because I couldn’t get too far into the website with either Safari or Chome and I think Lion is destroying my computer. What I did get to see was a super cute guy sucking on his fingers and grabbing his crotch, which totally did it for me even though I’m sure he was mistaking me for a man. Then I came back for seconds and got a Suicide Girl with a rockin’ bod dancing around like she was in a music video. (I suspect the video might be for that great rock classic, “Surprise! She seems willing but you’re a rapist.”)