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Stripper Music Monday: Valentine’s Day with Plies

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers.

Friday is Valentine’s Day, that special day wherein we celebrate patriarchal norms and reinforce insulting gender stereotypes with rampant consumerism.

So romantic.

Valentine’s Day is one of the those special “off” days that happen every-so-often in the strip club. Working the night of one these off days is never business-as-usual—it’s usually, business-as-oh-my-God-did-that-just-happen. The day of Cupid falls on a Friday this year, and there’s going to be a full moon.

Get ready.

Stripper Music Monday: Grace Potter Respects Strippers Enough To Stare And Not Tip

From Cincinnati CityBeat:

GP: I knew what I wanted “Paris (Ooh La La)” to be. I had a concept of what I wanted the video to look like. But we really wanted to see how dancers move and watch these girls dance to our songs. A lot of these clubs would be playing “Paris” in the club which is really crazy to see. We were in New Orleans and that was the first time we ever saw an exotic dancer dancing to our song which was a real inspiration actually. It may sound cheap, but it was a really fulfilling experience to see the string of dancers moving to our music. What we do there, it’s not a degrading experience, and we’re not throwing dollar bills or anything like that. We are the quiet weird band that lurks in the corner.

CB:  That’s even worse I think. You are the creepy people in the back.

Shit Strippers Say

As a continuation of Shit People Say to Strippers, Portland stripper Lark sent us her Shit Strippers Say. Even if you’re tired of People Saying Sh*t, it’s a good one. Plus identifying the songs is kinda fun.

This Week in Pole Dance and Popular Culture

Enrique Iglesias’ “Dirty Dancer” premiered Wednesday with what I think is the best actual pole dancing (and floor work) I’ve seen in a music video. I don’t think the athletes in the video are what any of us would refer to as “dirty dancers.” The futuristic strip club reminds me of a defunct Portland club that opened in the former space of a super-mod sushi restaurant called Electrofish Lounge. They kept all the furniture and decor and added a pole, and it looked a lot like this except for the surveillance camera hawks. Charlotte wants to know why Enrique is dressed like Justin Bieber.

Taking a cue from Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears pulled a male audience member on stage during her performance at Staples Center in LA on Monday night. He looks a lot more comfortable than Steve Nash, no? While one, let alone two feather boas is a total no-no (they shed everywhere and sweat plus feathers is a bummer), it’s pretty accurate. The jumping on the pole and straddling the guy from behind is a classic bachelor/birthday stage dance move.

America’s Got Talent featured an androgynous self-proclaimed “pole-fessional” who made it past the first round using two spinning poles and dancing to Katy Perry. Catherine says, “Gotta love a man in stripper heels and body glitter!” I kinda don’t think the black Mary Janes go with the silver though.

How do you feel about being in a tasteful nude photo shoot?

I find these 2011 Miss USA Pageant videos fascinating. (The evolution in schools one is a real doozy.) I remember a 90’s webzine game called Lesbian or German Lady? and I would love to see a more current Miss USA Contestant or Porn Star? version of that. (I just gave you a great tumblr idea.) They look so similar, and yet, only Miss Pennslyvania mentioned compensation as a factor that would affect her decision. She’s so getting a letter From The Desk of Larry Flynt. Also, apparently Steven Levitt and Russ Douthat are not the only people living by the “Daughter Test.” Miss Minnesota has the most interesting variation on that.