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New T&S Comment Policy: Don’t Be Obtuse

This is an appropriate way to give a stripper dollars.

Hi, Tits and Sass readers! We have had really good luck with our site comments so far. Aside from a few notes about how we should understand that dead hooker jokes are a necessary and funny part of modern humor, we haven’t received too many comments that suggest we all deserve physical harm for being sex workers.

Note that I said “too many,” not “none.” We got a couple that were either purposefully, trollishly obtuse or simply clueless on Elle’s Slutwalk post, and while we’ve had an informal policy of approving almost all comments, we figured now would be a good time to lay out some formal guidelines. It’s also a good time to, well, address this dude on his own terms. Do you really want to argue with us? Fine! We’ll get a professional arguer to deal with this for us. Please welcome Irony Butterfly to our pages.

—Bubbles Burbujas

Shit People Say To Sex Workers

My favorite part is at 2:06.

Civil Undressed also wrote a script of shit people say to her at the strip club.

“Do you think these make me look like a whore? Oh, no offense!”

We aren’t affiliated with the makers of this video, but thank you for putting us in your “Get Educated” list of sites.

What’s your favorite? Any others we’re missing?

Stripper Music Monday: Diplo, 2 Chainz, and T-Pain

It’s time for your end-of-summer stripper and stripper-related music roundup, starting with Diplo’s “Set It Off.” Here’s a unique take on the stripper video: Instead of the typical in-club, make it rain stripper video, director Ryan Staake has opted to shoot an infinite stripper pole with dozens of pole dancers performing tricks in slow motion from earth through the atmosphere to outer space. Great video, uninteresting song coming from a guy who’s had much better stripper anthems.

Two New Videos Featuring Strippers

This week Tyga comes through and supports single moms on the day shift and Nicki Minaj visits a strip club where every day is New Year’s Eve.

Malice in La-La Land

You may know her as Portland’s famous stripper, that MySpace celebrity, the anonymous Wikipedia alternative model, or the Wendy O-looking lady who’s always walking her miniature pinschers. I can’t tell you how many times people have insisted on telling me their oh-my-god-I-met-Malice-one-time-and-she’s-like-sooo-nice stories. It’s true; she is the sweetest, most approachable badass you could hope to meet.

Something that you may not know about Malice is that she’s really funny. (Her deadpan is the greatest.) I was able to catch up with her on a recent trip to Portland, where she made a week-long cameo at Sassy’s (strip club) and picked up her red ’66 El Camino. I got her hyped on Chai and sweets (as she has 10 years sober) and asked questions.

For some reason, the voice recorder ate the part of the interview where she lets us know that she moved from Portland to LA in August 2010 in hopes of possibly working at the legendary Jumbo’s Clown Room. Jumbo’s wasn’t all that receptive so she ended up at Crazy Girls, where she is currently the emcee of the increasingly popular live band nights.