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Two New Videos Featuring Strippers

This week Tyga comes through and supports single moms on the day shift and Nicki Minaj visits a strip club where every day is New Year’s Eve.

Stripper Music Monday: Picks From a Queer DJ

There was a long time when I first started working as a strip club DJ when I’d engage in small talk with customers. Almost always it led to them saying “You must have the best job in the world!” It was hard to understand why. I don’t have benefits. Trying to get days off is a daunting effort, and when I have to cover for another DJ I am yelled at for reaching overtime. I’m the whipping boy of management and certain dancers. Then the slow realization dawns of why they think it’s so great: I get to look at naked women all day.

So I wonder what they’d think if they knew they were talking to a fag (well, queer male, in the Rainer Werner Fassbinder/Paul Bowles sense. I’m attracted to women romantically and intellectually, but mostly sleep with men) who remains pretty indifferent to all the nudity. But since I don’t really want to discuss any more with them, or ruin any part of the illusion that comes with the territory, I nod and say “Yup,” then proceed back to my booth.

I’ve worked at two different clubs and there’s not much to the job. I come in, turn on the sound equipment and lights, put music on shuffle and wait out the day until I can clock out, chatting with the dancers or staff when free or not reading a book. I’m not out to my coworkers by any means for fear of being fired. In an industry that hires solely on looks and can fire someone for such bullshit excuses as saying no to a drink when already very drunk or trying to signal a customer over from stage, I’m sure a queer man in a highly hetero male space would cause waves.

Stripper Music Monday: For When They Want To Watch Other Men’s Balls

Still from A League Of Their Own. If there's no crying in baseball then there's no crying at work.
Still from the film A League Of Their Own. Remind your customers that there’s no crying in baseball.

It’s that time of year again — the part of the year that I playfully refer to as sports season. For the next few weeks we’ll see an orgy of American sports converge — professional football, college football, preseason basketball, hockey, and of course, the World Series.

Any stripper will tell you that it’s definitely challenging  to sell a lap dance when The Big Game is on. The Big Game is like lap dance kryptonite. Sure, you might be standing there in a tiny little spandex outfit but the men on the big screen are also wearing spandex and, well, one must prioritize their spandex preferences.

Stripper Music Monday: Khia, “Pay Your Pu$$y Bill”

Oh, Khia. Tell us how you really feel. This probably won’t have as solid a place in the stripper canon as “My Neck, My Back (Lick It),” but it’s just as subtle.

The Greatest Strip Club Song Of All Time: Final Four

I hope you’re happy, voters.

And then there were four one seeds and a ten seed left. Readers, your final candidates. Voting is open until midnight TONIGHT and the championship match will be announced tomorrow with voting open until Sunday night. But let’s be honest, “Pony” or “Closer,” that’s the real contest. Here’s the full bracket if you’d like to review how the contest has played out up until now.