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When I noticed the new column in my local strip club (and escort ads) rag, Exotic, titled Go-Go Confessional, I was ready for some confessions. (“I stole my go-go rival’s lucky furry legwarmers!” “I totally hooked up with that semi-famous semi-hot singer of the band.” “OMG, I lost my electrical tape.”)

Instead, I was surprised by the amount of stripper-targeted resentment contained in the article.

Let’s face it, strippers come a dime a dozen—especially in this town. There is, however, a sexy breed of naughty performers in need of recognition. This would be the go-go dancer.

Though we don’t take off all our clothes or spread eagle in your face, we still do tricks and specialty moves.

Go-go dancers are also more likely to talk to you on breaks while wringing sweat from their hair. Without the hustle for private dances, the pressure is off and you can really get to know us. I’m not just saying this but we are all nice girls.

Stacks & Cats

This is Pat, with my two-day haul from a very good tour. I’m Eva, a private escort in Melbourne, Australia.

Sex workers, submit pictures of your furballs and funds here.

Stacks & Cats


Dear Tits and Sass,

Your response to my email in June was so kind, thank you.  I’ve been meaning to send this photo for a few weeks…Champagne and a hotel room have made me miss home, I guess!

I wrote about Barney a few months ago, and his too-short time in my life.  He made a lasting impression, and his legacy was reminding us how much we liked having a feline presence in our home. These sweet siblings joined us recently, and we are so. in. love. Their little kitten faces change by the day, and we hope for many years of cuddling, playing and posing as they grow.  Here’s my girl De Luna and brother Half-stache at approx. seven weeks.  They were not impressed with my shiny new Canadian money, but a gum wrapper was fascinating….

Love from Toronto!

Sex workers, submit pictures of your furballs and funds here.

Dogs & Dollars

Austin dancer Danni/Michelle/Emily sends in this snapshot of the “guy on the couch’s dog.” Good work fetching!


Sex workers, send us your pictures of your dogs and dollars or cats and stacks at 

Stacks & Cats Monday

Dancer Jenna sent us this photo from a friend. A friend who is rich in money and kittens.

Sex workers, send us your pictures of cats, stacks, or cats and stacks at (we’ll take dollars and dogs, too).