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The Week In Links—August 9th

Elle, from her martial arts training

WNYC did a segment on transgender and sex worker self-defense training with Daisey Lopez and Sempai Elena, “THE self-defense instructor for New York sex workers.”

We Got This: A Zine about Screening, Safe Calls & Buddy Systems For Safer Indoor Sex Work” has been released by Born Whore/Juliet November. It’s a PDF pamphlet that compiles a lot of valuable safety information.

Eliot Spitzer made life harder for sex workers and is remorseless about it, Melissa Gira Grant reminds us.

Sydney Leathers went HAM on the male ego (and talks about being a sugar baby) in this astonishing piece for XOJane.

Gnarly concern trolling in the wake of the murders of sex workers: “Show me a child who deserves to grow up a heroin addicted street sex worker. No one gets to choose their parents.” Thankfully Tracy Connelly’s actual family speaks here, and her partner here.

The Week in Links—May 15th

April Brogan (image via @brogan_rebecca)
April Brogan (image via @brogan_rebecca)

Melissa Gira Grant’s story about April Brogan’s death from withdrawal complications while in jail is a heartbreaking look at how little regard the justice system has for sex worker lives. Our Caty is quoted on the double stigma drug-using sex workers face.

A woman running an underground brothel in Germany has been busted; her workers, undocumented Chinese migrants, will be deported.

A new Cambodian study reiterates what the Lancet already proved: further marginalization and criminalization of sex workers, even in the guise of ending trafficking, only puts us more at risk.

Sex workers don’t owe you any answers” is a sharp, smart, and sadly necessary reminder by Alana Massey that we do not, in fact, owe you answers.  Not to friends, not to teachers, and definitely not to sad little clovers on the internet:

“The best thing sex work taught me was that men will take every opportunity to demand things they feel entitled to,” Bruiser told me in a direct message on Twitter. “I literally owe them exactly nothing.”

The Week In Links—July 12th

Picture of Jasmine shared by Rose Alliance on Facebook

Swedish activist and sex worker Jasmine Petite was reportedly murdered by her abusive ex after years of documenting his violent behavior to the police, only to have it ignored and dismissed in large part because of her occupation. You can read more here. Sweden’s criminalization of clients has long been lauded by anti-sex trade advocates and various feminists as an effective method of eliminating criminalization’s harm of sex working women. Jasmine’s inspiring twitter feed is still online.

In France, a debate is emerging around legalization of sexual surrogacy. (Which is still definitely not prostitution, ok?!)

Nicki Minaj instagrams photos of her strip club visit with the caption “I endorse these strippers.” Surely our T&S dancers also deserve such an auspicious blurb—though they’re probably not cool with being photographed at work.

Lebanese police may be called to account for their abuse of suspected drug users and sex workers.

Chinese sex workers’ rights activist Ye Haiyan was released from detention for defending herself from police assault, only to have the Guandong security police evict her, her partner, and her 14  year old daughter from their home. “‘If I ever see you again in Zhongshan, I’ll break your legs,” the head of the security police told Ye.

Philippine survivors of the Japan’s WWII era “comfort system” are planning a rally later this month to draw more attention to the decades of injustice and silence around their abuse.

India sees the positive impacts of SCOTUS overturning the anti-prositution pledge.

NYPD Commissioner jokes about shutting down 19 massage parlors in Brooklyn after finding that women working in those locations all had children still in Asia who needed their financial support. Haha!

Meanwhile, Eliot Spitzer is running for NY comptroller as a first step towards reviving his political career. Is that a 2020 run for president I feel coming on? 

The Week In Links—June 5th

Happy Blackout Friday!  Lady Dee
Cam Model Lady Dee mugs for the camera. Happy #Blackout Day!

Bubbles said it first, but the documentary that “exposes” exploitation in amateur pornography production, Hot Girls Wanted (now available on Netflix), has some problems. Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals offers some constructive criticism of the doc and suggests what points it should also have covered.

Speaking of, what is that agent’s job from Hot Girls Wanted like, anyway?

A Portland sex worker art show/book launch party for the $pread Magazine Anthology got some local press. The show, $pread The Love, the brainchild of our own Tits and Sass Week In Links Editor Red and other Portland sex worker activists, was held yesterday.

Elizabeth Nolan Brown writes about how the JVTA heedlessly replicates the War on Drugs for Politico; something Melissa Gira Grant reported on a couple of years ago. Politico then ran a rebuttal letter with seven signers. They’re pretty illustrious: Tracy Sefl, is a senior campaign adviser to Hilary Clinton, and, of course, Autumn Hanna VandeHei is married to Jim VandeHei, cofounder and executive editor of Politico.

Sex workers in Zimbabwe aren’t using digital currency because it’s hip and high-tech, they’re using it for their safety.

The Week in Links: October 14

A new sex work public service announcement, brought to you by St. James Infirmary

St. James Infirmary is launching a new media campaign with sex work PSAs on San Francisco Muni buses, similar to the Turn Off the Blue Light campaign in Ireland. If you’re a sex worker in San Francisco, check out the Media Launch Party this weekend.

The Second Annual American Pole Fitness Championships are taking place in New York City tonight.

Golden State sex workers, beware: Governor Jerry Brown has decided that warrantless cell phone searches in the state of California are legal. Password-protect that  shit, because according to Catherine Crump of the ACLU: “The police can ask you to unlock the phone … but they almost certainly cannot compel you to unlock your phone without the involvement of a judge.”

Bloomberg Businessweek published two excerpts (here and here) from Rhacel Salazar Parrenas’s new book, Illicit Flirtations: Labor, Migration, and Sex Trafficking in Tokyo, for which the author spent nine months working as a “hostess” in a Tokyo bar.

While talking about playing a sex worker in Sucker Punchactress Emily Browning told The Guardian that she is in favor of sex workers rights.

Chris Brown and Bow Wow made “at least three” Miami strippers extremely happy when they tipped them over $5,000 each.

Chris Brown’s ex Rihanna is apparently into strip clubs, too.