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Dogs & Dollars Monday

There are some friends of Tits and Sass out there who wanted to contribute photos for Cats & Stacks, except for one problem: their cats are dogs. So for our inaugural Dogs & Dollars, welcome Ecowhore’s pal. “I think my dog meets the legal definition of being my pimp,” she says.

Want to submit your pet and (not so) petty cash photos to us? Email info[at]titsandsass.com

Stacks & Cats Monday

“Okay this isn’t quite a cat nor a stack. But it is a kitten and a pile of stripper earned money.” Thank you, anonymous contributor! We’ll take it.


Stacks & Cats Monday

It's hard to count singles when you don't have thumbs.

Stacks & Cats Monday

For this Monday’s Stacks & Cats, we’d like to direct you to this incredible blog: CashCats.biz. It’s the greatest single-subject Tumblr ever this week.


(image from cashcats.biz)

Sex workers, send us your pictures of cats, stacks, or cats and stacks at info@titsandsass.com (we’ll take dollars and dogs, too).

Stacks & Cats Monday

Each Monday, Tits and Sass will bring you pictures of money, pictures of cats, or pictures of cats with money. We encourage reader submissions! Please send your photos to info@titsandsass.com.

Bubbles' duffle bag of bachelor party tips and a marmalade kitty. Spike heeled Ellies in the upper left, practical Børn Mary Janes on the bottom.