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Miss Fiona is a proud sex worker who is a phone sex operator, webcam model, and ProDomme, both online and in real time. She takes inspiration from other sex workers, specifically full service workers that she met in the community. For her, sex worker rights and decriminalization quickly became a part of just being a sex worker. The journey to becoming a better intersectional supporting feminist and sex work rights activist is important to her and she will continue to strive to be the best ally for others' issues and spokesperson for her own community. MissFreudianSlit.tumblr.com // Sexworkerhelpfuls.tumblr.com // Sexworkerhumor.tumblr.com

image via 50 Dollars Not Fifty Shades on Facebook

image via 50 Dollars Not Fifty Shades on Facebook

There’s a new campaign circling social media encouraging people to not only look into the abuse and lack of consent within the book Fifty Shades of Grey, but to also boycott the movie, with a philanthropic twist. According to their Facebook page, “#50dollarsnot50shades is a grassroots, women-led campaign, encouraging people to boycott the 50 Shades of Grey movie & give a $50 donation to [a] domestic violence shelter or agency. The money you would have spent on movie tickets and a babysitter or movie tickets, popcorn and drinks will go towards serving victims of abusive relationships like the one glamorized in the 50 Shades series. Hollywood doesn’t need your money; abused women do.”

As someone who not only practices BDSM professionally and personally and dislikes the poor excuse for BDSM erotica that is the Fifty Shades franchise, I thought that this idea was actually quite clever. Instead of supporting a movie and book series whose leading man doesn’t talk about consent with newbie Ana while also meeting all of the signs of being a domestic abuser, why not make a donation to a local women’s shelter for domestic violence? Brilliant.

Or maybe not. The campaign is not as grassroots as it claims, but instead is run by anti-pornography activists. 50 Dollars not 50 Shades is sponsored by the London Abused Women’s Centre (LAWC), the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE), and Stop Porn Culture. It is also affiliated with PATHS of SaskatchewanAntiPorn.org and Pornography Harms which is apparently part of the NCSE. [READ MORE]