Magalie Lerman

Magalie Lerman is Development and Volunteer Director at the Harm Reduction Action Center in Denver, CO. She is a former Co-Director at Prax(us). Magalie is Treasurer of Sex Workers' Outreach Project-DenverSex Worker's Outreach Project-Denver and a Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition board member. She is an avid cat lover and coffee enthusiast. Find her on Twitter @Magalielerman.

(Screenshot from CNN video.)

Racism, much? (Screenshot from CNN video.)

After several years of working in nonprofit agencies that take a harm reduction approach to working with drug users and sex workers, I’ve observed many similarities between the war on drugs and the war on trafficking. As the drug war has lost popularity, the war on trafficking has gained momentum. Both the war on drugs and the war on trafficking are housed within the criminal justice system, operating through punishment and incarceration. Both wars seek to eliminate their abstract opponents by attacking communities of drug users and sex workers, composed mainly of poor people of color.