Josie is a stripper by trade and blogger by hobby in Los Angeles. After escaping a desk job and a train-wreck marriage she stepped into the red lights in 2010 and fell madly in love with the hustle and flow. She blogs about stripping, geekery, and more over at and can be found as josiethefiend on Twitter.

Gimmie some sugar, baby. Josie, as Evil Dead's Ash, hanging with R2D2.

Gimmie some sugar, baby. Josie, as Evil Dead’s Ash, hanging with R2D2.

I like to scan the men bathed in flashing red light at their tables, strategizing. Star Wars and comic book character t-shirts are the easiest. Anyone who gives off the vibe of working in tech. Sometimes I can recognize a tattoo, or, sometimes it’s just a good hunch. Really, most of the men in these places under 30 will light up when I talk about how I spent a few hours playing Skyrim in my underwear, even if it would be better if I lied and said it was Call of Duty.

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