Furry Girl

Furry Girl got her start in sex work with a creepy Los Angeles photographer in 2002 at the age of 18. She decided that the mainstream porn industry was not her thing, and started her own membership site where she could get naked for a living on her own terms. She was among the first people producing indie/alt porn with genderqueer and trans models, and now operates four membership sites that have a common theme of defying traditional beauty standards and gender roles, and showcasing authentic sexuality. She blogs at feminisnt.com, tweets as @furrygirl, and when not being a ho or arguing for the ho revolution, she enjoys cats, vegan food, reading, travel, and nerds.

Though she’s been an adult entertainer since the 1980s, Kimberly Kupps is currently best known as half of the Florida couple who were arrested for shooting porn in the privacy of their own home. Like me, Kimberly operates her own independent porn site, so it’s a case that definitely caught my attention. Some sex workers mistakenly view porn as legal, easy, and even dismiss it as “sex work lite,” because supposedly, those of us who make porn don’t break any laws and face no risk. As a pornographer, even if you are trying to stay within the bounds of the law and don’t shoot anything “extreme,” you can find yourself dealing with an obscenity prosecution, as Kimberly and her husband have learned this summer.

The pair was arrested on June 3rd by their local Polk County Sheriff, who is going after them as a part of a war on porn to clean up the conservative area. (Sheriff Grady Judd is also facing a federal civil rights lawsuit for allegedly harassing another local woman for her atheist organization.) Kimberly and her husband are being represented by well-known first amendment attorney Lawrence Walters. Walters is donating part of his fee, but there are still plenty of costs being incurred with mounting a strong legal defense, so Kimberly has set up a defense fund. Although their computers were seized by the police, Kimberly recently took the time to do an interview with me from her iPhone. [READ MORE]