Dan began his career as a sex worker in 2006, and lives in Melbourne, Australia. Dan finds out about cool bands two years after they're socially relevant, modifies pop songs to be about his cat, and dances like he's "just stepped out of Pretty in Pink." Dan's writing has appeared in Overland, Peril, Cordite, Archer, and The Wheeler Centre's Dailies. He tweets as @singult.

At the age of five, growing up in in the desert six hours from the nearest town and hospital, I had recurrent nightmares about a hirsute, razor-toothed werewolf with glowing red eyes. I haven’t ever really gotten over those dreams, so at 29, I can still get a little too spooked at all things werebeast. That doesn’t stop me from watching supernatural horror, though.

While engaging in self care, I want to stream and watch something. Sifting through films that I’ve already seen, that I have no interest in, and—what the hell?

Strippers vs. Werewolves? Oh baby! Why has nobody told me about this?